13 Archetypes as a method of Agent specialization

The idea of tying recursion to agent specialization or a skill tree is not new, and for good reason: it’s a good idea. Allowing agents to shape their experience to suit their playstyle would be a welcome change. But I think that there should be more to it than that. The text that shows up when recursion is avaliable says that doing so “...will deepen your connection to the XM.” My mind immediately jumped to the 13 archetypes. Perhaps an agent could be allowed to choose an archetype when they first recurse, gaining a perk specific to that archetype. For example, the explorer archetype could gain an increase in drone range, the omniscient could gain some form of in-scanner intel. Maybe the catalyst could act as a support class, buffing other’s abilities, while also having some benefits of their own.

I imagine that upon subsequent recursions, one could either gain a new perk related to their archetype, or change their archetype entirely, losing all the perks from the previous one. After all, one should be allowed to change their mind.

I’d be interested to hear what ideas you guys would have for the abilities of each archetype, were this to be added.


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    I think this is the worst idea in a long line of bad ideas submitted by players. Let me count the ways:

    1) Most players don't care (or even know) what the archetypes are. Archetypes are part of a storyline that 95% of players have ignored for years. So that's a problem right there.

    2) You're talking about adding thirteen character classes to Ingress. That's a lot of classes. Even if you define a character class by the bare minimum definition of "one bonus no other class has," I'm hard-pressed to think of 13 different things in Ingress you can add bonuses to.

    3) And if you find 13 things to add bonuses to, that's 13 features that Niantic has to update to behave differently depending on character class. That's 13 new places to introduce bugs.

    4) Anybody who's played any class-based game is going to tell you: The odds of a game design team created 13 equally useful and balanced character classes on the first try is effectively zero. Probably, Niantic would create 2 or 3 classes that actually make a difference in day-to-day play, and 10 classes only picked by people who didn't think their decisions through.

    5) Which means either Niantic spends months/years rebalancing character classes, which will lead to months/years of players complaining about updates "nerfing" their chosen classes and/or accusing Niantic of favoring specific classes.

    6) Or, it means that Niantic just leaves some classes broken, and players don't want to play those.

    7) If Niantic makes it too hard for a player to change classes (like forcing a recursion), players who regret their choices are more likely to quit or start a new account.

    8) If Niantic makes it too easy to change classes, players will just be rotating through the 2-3 good ones depending on what they want to do that day. Fielding today? Switch to the class with fielding bonuses! Going field-breaking today? Switch to the class with attack bonuses! Someone attacking your fields? Switch to the class with recharge bonuses!

    I don't see any scenario where adding characters classes adds enough to the experience to be worth the development costs and the ending complaining character classes would bring.

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    I think the idea of specialization is good, and relating it to an archetype is a good idea. But I don't think that you need to change any of the game mechanics.

    You want to be an Explorer? Great! Go get the onyx explorer related badges!!!

    Capture uniques, submit Wayspots, travel the whole world.

    You want to be Omniscient? Excellent, join Essex, become a Lore Master, an Expert Decoder, participate in RPE.

    And you could find a playstyle for all 13 archetypes.

    But what happens if you want "mixed arquetype"? Or you want a balanced account that is good at all traits? Or you want to change class?

    I believe the game, as it is, is far more versatile, you can focus on whatever aspect of the game that suits you, and change it of you want too...

    Gaining Titles or Badges Arquetype related would be the way to go for me....

    What that Explorer (EX) before your Agent name? Fulfill these requirement badges and Recurse X amount of times

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    I like this idea but without any added game mechanic features since it undoubtedly would break the balance.

    Instead this could be a cosmetic change in your profile & scanner decoration colours (much like recursion already changes it a little). Perhaps it could award you with the matching cursor model (optional to use) and a little title under your name. Archetype could be changed on next recursion again.

    Another fun addition could be that you can only choose archetypes that match your game statistics (plat or black medals, other stats). For people not interested in lore, this could be another fun challenge to obtain each.

  • I actually am interested in the archetypes. Do the avatars effect game play?

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭
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    At this time only a few of the Archetypes received in-game avatars. At this time they are purely cosmetic and have no impact on actual gameplay.

  • I would like to think maybe there could be an algorithm that would drive this. Ex, if you are fielding above average then you would fall into a category. If you develop two areas like glyph hacking and fielding above the average player then you would be a blend of the two. But adding bonuses to it would not be good. I know several players that would abuse this harshly. To do this as a characteristic for your avatar would be cool to see.

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    • - The Archetype's are a fine measurement of 'Achievement' if decyphered right.

    • Decoded->Decyphered 'this' **** yourself. I think 'to much' has gone lost to actually achieve this. Would not know where to start and where to end.

    • First thing received in the scanner is a 'redacted' script and something 'far' off the edge supposing ADA to be a 'search string' and you to continue guessing the right word for that string to provide you with ultimate search results often leaving you with no lead, not a KLUE but rather a lead towards what you are looking at.

    • Since around 2013, 2016, 2017, 2020-21 i found Ingress to still get struck terrible.

    • Fine to guess 2 of 11 Archetypes are non-ordinary.

    • EDIT::

    They want you to try 'this', not f. but d e a t h -> certain **** , fell from his fixated wheelseat and got dismembered for a while. You cheat d e a t h -> you cheat ****. Once you hit the disclaimer you are ready to go. Be wary for where there are a few rules 'ignored' and have been met with.

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