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I want to explain a personal problem I have with a few missions, looking for a solution, but maybe someone else has a similar problem.

Back in early 2020 I could finally submit 30 missions, wanting to create a banner in my area. It would be a banner to explore some of the most interesting points of 3 local regions (Ferrolterra, Eume and Ortegal) through their "Vértices Geodésicos", some kind of milestones placed at the highest points, offering cool views and routes. Name of the missions would be a combination of both; "Gerrolterra, Geume y Geortegal". It was a work of months, submitting each of the missing ones (only 3 existed as portals when I started playing in early 2018) and enough portals between them, so it would actually be possible to create a mission between each one, no matter if the area was populated or had no portals at all. This was the initial study I did of the area at home, including the best order for the missions and all the places that could be submitted where needed. I went out and submitted them all:

Everything seemed fine, I submitted them and started to receive them accepted, except 6 of them, which got rejected. I submitted them again, they got rejected again...submitted...rejected. I already lost track of how many times I submitted them, somewhere between 5-10 so far. Missions rejected are number 13, 14, 17, 19, 20 and 24. Photo was taken by myself, it's actually one of the "Vértices Geodésicos" and all missions just require a hack. This is how it would look:

And this is the email I got in all of the rejections. None of the reasons is true:

I tried to find a solution through support. I received a bit more specific reasons, but still none was a real reason for rejection. I tried to edit some words just in case (in spanish), but they kept getting rejected. I answered taking one of the missions as an example:

Recently, I talked about this issue to a Vanguard. Someone was supposed to contact me about it, but nobody did, and it's been already like 2 more months.

What else can I do? I was also told @NianticThia may help too.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Néstor / Ignobae

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    I have the EXACT same problem, only my banner is 18 missions. Missions 1,2,3,7,8 and 9 were approved and 4-6, and 10-18 were all denied. I assumed the problem was a copyright image, but I’ve verified that the image I’m using does not have a copyright, does not have any letters, trademarked logos, or watermarks. Like you, I’ve resubmitted about 4 times and the same have always been denied. Someone else advised to make a ticket, but I can see that your response from Niantic is very vague and not specific to identifying the exact problem. I almost feel like making a trouble ticket is a waste of time. I have no idea what to do to resolve this and get this banner completed.

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  • Hey @Ignobae Thank you for reporting. Could you please resubmit the missions and let me know?

  • IgnobaeIgnobae ✭✭

    Hi @NianticBlue

    Thanks for the answer. I already resubmitted them, let me know if there is anything else to do.

  • @Ignobae Thank you. I'll escalate this internally.

  • nineteen8t4nineteen8t4 ✭✭✭

    Hi @NianticBlue I have also resubmitted my rejected missions mentioned above (image added). Could you please take another look or also escalate internally? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

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    I subbed a banner of 18 missions last month. I'm on my 3rd time resubmitting them currently.

    First round? 1 accepted, 17 rejected (same time stamp, so auto reject?)

    Second round? 2 accepted, 15 rejected (again, same time stamp, auto reject?)

    Third round? 1 accepted, 14 rejected (one time stamp is different from the rest by like 8 minutes) just came in this morning)

    Fourth round? Just re-submitted them again. Rinse and repeat. Sure makes me not want to bother to submit any missions in the future.

    Reason of denial?

    Thanks for submitting Destiny in the Stars 1 of 18. Unfortunately, we were not able to accept your Mission. Your Mission may have one or more of the following issues:

    • A lack of a clear and informative description and/or title
    • Mission Image, description, and/or title are unrelated to the Waypoints chosen

    Basically the same template of explore this town, walk around and see the sights and create this awesome mural.

    What I've found? Just keep resubmitting and hope for approvals. Showing the above they do get accepted, randomly?

  • IgnobaeIgnobae ✭✭

    Mine have finally been accepted, thanks!

    I hope other players having the same problem will have a happy ending too.

  • @NianticBlue @NianticThia

    The same thing happens around here. This mission has been denied at least 4 times

    That alone is the only one that is being denied, the other 17 have been accepted.

    The denial email says:

    Here we can see the full banner (including the mission that is causing the problem). In any case, the mission has been sent again under the name of: Resistencia - Ecuador 4/18

    This case was shared by a close agent: @OmarOchoa

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    That one is likely being rejected because it has a single letter on it. Silly? Yeah. People just spelled bad things in the past with those single letter ones, now they don't accept them. I bet if you edited out the "R" and subbed it again, it would be accepted. But the reasons why they rejected often give the user no clue as to why.

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    I'm at my 5 or 6 time resubmitting getting the same reply, "That there's a name in the title/description" or special code word. When I dumbed the description down to, "Hack the portals in order" Only thing I can think of is my title but it's the name of the area. Getting real annoyed at this.

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