Need 3d models of prime resonators for art project.

I am able to find tons of 3d models of the old redacted-style resonators, but I cannot find any 3d models of the new resonators in Prime. Does anyone know where I can find models of these that are accurate (at least in terms of geometry; color isn’t important) to the actual items? Models for the other in-game items would also be appreciated, but are not necessary at this stage of the project (but it could be very useful for artists to have access to them).

PS: In case anyone was wondering, the project I am using these for involves making a 3d model of a sculpture that mirrors the structure of its corresponding portal in its design (since, were the piece to be constructed IRL, it would likely be a potential valid portal). Don’t have any plans to build it IRL, but I thought it could be fun to design.

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