Mission Guides for New Orleans (feel free to add your city's support links to this thread)

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I didn't see a thread or clearinghouse for mission/banner guides for Second Sunday participants, so I am going to post ours here and other people can add theirs on:

Location: New Orleans, LA

# Official Mission Day Missions available: 40 --- 2019 (18) and 2016 (12) are online, 2015 missions are inactive

Mission Guide: http://missions.bluevoodoo.la (Revised 2021-08-02)

Support Chat: https://t.me/NOLAMissionGuide

Special note: To avoid disappointment or confusion, use only this mission guide and in particular the Bannergress collections https://bannergress.com/banner/md-new-orleans-2019-3c6d and https://bannergress.com/banner/md-new-orleans-a2f8 because older guides and maps that are circulating may list the 2015 Abaddon Mission Day missions which have been offline for some time.

Nearest other Mission Days: Mobile, Shreveport, Houston

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