It Remains - Max Key Lockers is now 6

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Hi Agents, 

Based on feedback, the team has decided the maximum number of Key Lockers will remain at 6! If you missed your chance during the event that just ended, you’re in luck and the Onyx Key Locker remains in the Store as well as the 6-pack bundle.

In light of this, I will re-open the form to request a Key Locker (thread | form) be deleted and extend that opportunity for another week. (Again, the deleting of a Key Locker is only for C.O.R.E. subscribers and, while you can request a Key Locker be deleted if you are not at the max, the intention is so that you can have one deleted to purchase the Onyx one IF YOU WANT TO. If you are under the max, the Onyx Locker shows up for purchase whether you are C.O.R.E. or not!)

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