Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory



  • Community Basketball Nets - Accepted August 31 - In PoGo

    52.57103979952986, -1.68101076790642

    Community Football Pitch - Accepted September 8 - In PoGo

    52.80970406065541, -1.6109880020042049

    Co ordinates are roughly as I don't know how to get the exact co ordinates.

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    This is live on Pokemon Go as pokestop, has been approved in Wayfarer but doesn’t show on the Ingress Intel map :

    膳所2丁目のお地蔵様 (Zeze2-chome no ojizo-sama)

    34.99679, 135.88886

    Approval Date: 2021-08-26 16:41

  • This was approved very quickly but I received no key and it does not appear in Ingress. I submitted while on vacation so I have no idea if it's appeared in other games.

  • I have a couple more missing from Ingress that I'd like looking into. Both appear as pokestops but not portals.

    Hilton Village Cricket Pitch

    52.27925, -0.10546

    Hope Farm Cropping Plan

    52.24534, -0.04839


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    Pokestop but not on Intel.

    Name: Schöhner wohnen

    Coordinates: 53.11481, 8.75701

    Accepted on the 9th September,

  • This nomination was approved August 20th and has not appeared in any game. The gps I pulled out of the Wayfarer website is 47.475483,-122.207938 which seems to meet the 20m requirement in Ingress from the 2 nearest portals. This was nominated via Pokemon Go so I don't expect a key but there's no apparent reason that this nomination should not appear in game(s).

  • Koordinaten nach Google Maps: 53,0514074, 8,7412062

    Thank you...

  • A Night in Paris

    Approximate Location: 25.228651, 55.320377

  • My nomination was submitted through Pokémon Go, so obviously I'm not expecting a Portal Key or AP for it, but it should be showing on the Intel Map as it's far enough away from any other wayspots, and it does exist in Pokémon Go.

    Title: 1919 Bar

    Submitted: September 8th 2021, 7:15am

    Accepted: September 10th 2021, 8:30am.

    Location: 53.991165, -1.513939

    This nomination was not upgraded, and nominations wouldn't normally go through the system so fast in my local area, so I'm assuming it was reviewed by Niantic staff (although I'll admit, it went through the system that quickly that I didn't see the tell-tale sign of it going missing from my list of nominations, which is what Giffard has said happens when nominations are reviewed by Niantic).

    I would include a screenshot of my email, but as I've never joined the Ingress forum before now, it won't actually let me post one yet. I did also post this over in the thread on the Wayfarer Forum that's relating to this issue.

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem, accepted some weeks ago, appears in PoGo, not in ingress from where it was submitted. No other portals near.



  • Also having something not coming to Ingress. Nomination was made by a Pokémon GO player.

    Graffiti Mann unter der Brücke

    Lat/Long: 48.6649790, 9.2145780

  • I have a third one

    Coronation Meadow, Chadkirk

    53.406281 -2.091361

    This suddenly went to accepted which is highly unusual for this area.

    if Niantic is doing these reviews they are doing quite a lot

  • And another one


    Coordinates: 48,6784840, 9,2250410

  • Finally after a few weeks one portal missing appeared! Thanks to whoever is fixing this thing, one more missing.. keep going Niantic!!!!

  • approximately 48,3304240, 16,0337624

    portal approved, key missing.

    this got me so angry, I have cancelled my subscription.

  • Koordinaten nach Google Maps: 53.1712554, 8.6151454

    thank you

  • Ist in Ingress verfügbar aber nicht in Pokomen GO.

  • This portal is missing:

    Bowie Trail Marker BXM304


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    This Portal is also missing from 08.08.2021 (and its not in any Game)


    52,7268304, 10,7413727

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    Also 2 missing portal:

    Name: Inn-Fluss

    Gesetzte Markierung

    Approved: 11.9.21

    Name: Oblinger-Promenade

    Gesetzte Markierung

    Approved: 13.9.21

    Both were upgraded nominations. All normal nomiations are in the intel.

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  • @NianticVK

    Gipfelkreuz Eich 808m

    ~ 47.917674115788664, 15.94736110634251

    approximately 850 meters away from the next portal(s) --> so the distance could be no reason for not appearing within ingress?!

  • Another one to add to the list that is in Pokemon Go as a Pokestop, but not showing on Ingress and no key :

    Good Love Mural

    51.151138, -2.718207

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    51.325187, 12.407477

  • These 5 nominations are still missing for me:

    1- Estiramento de Pernas 39.526604,-8.157025

    2- Arcanjo Gabriel 


    3- A Ceifeira 


    4- O Pastor


    5- EN2 - KLM 380 (Chaves-Faro) Sardoal.


  • Verkehrsschild Tisch

    49.505409425418286, 7.091284566649107

    Portal should be far enough from other portals in the area. It was approved, but never appeared in any Niantic game.

  • Portal Name: Jara

    Coords aprox: 40,2451693, -3,9237630

    Portal Name: Fuente Abrevadero Esquina Colón

    Coords aprox: 40.323505,-3.867364

  • Title: Spielplatz Bärensee

    Location: 50.15045468995389, 8.953140643933423

    Title: [something about "table tennis", maybe in Italian - the Wayspot is a table tennis area]

    Location: 45.49136140161093, 10.73532316013016

  • Also have and issue with a submission in Ingress, shows up in Pokemon GO, but does not in Ingress. I submitted a second time, not knowing, and came up as duplicated:

    Name: Ginásio ao Ar Livre Horta das Figueiras

    Aproximate Coordinates from Google Maps: 38.56041616395257, -7.911744226569097

    Also, have to report that the first submission got in Wayfarer, but a day after was gone...

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