Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory



  • toneotoneo ✭✭
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    these 4 portals are missing - please take a look:

    Weltkriegsdenkmal Naturfreunde am Anninger

    48.055362, 16.242508

    Submitted: 2020-04-04

    Approval Date: 2021-08-13


    Maria Schutz Waldkreuzweg IV

    47.639509, 15.874084

    Submitted: 2020-06-06

    Approval Date: 2021-07-28


    Naschgarten Guntramsdorf

    48.048188, 16.313056

    Submitted: 2020-08-09

    Approval Date: 2021-08-16


    Lenauteich im Naturpark Sparbach

    Submitted: 2021-08-05

    Approval Date: 2021-08-16

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  • I missed my submission which was approved but didn't show up in ingress and not on the intell map.

    I also got no key.

    I think it's a pokestop but I am not sure.

    Submitted at 2021 08 25

    Location Koningsoever Zevenhuizen

    The Netherlands

  • oscarc1oscarc1 ✭✭✭✭✭

    After having a good run of nominations being accepted in-game, with the AP and key, I finally have one accepted but not in-game now:

    Unfortunately this is about 2-3 hours away in a regional town, so it's unlikely to be submitted again despite being accepted.

  • -34.9187035, 138.5009496

    Henley Oval Throwing Cage

  • 37.395557, -5.995609

    Homenage al Padre Francisco de Paula Tarin


    37.231499, -8.179951

    Parque de Merendas da Queda do Vigário

  • Yeah, keep on doing nothing and ignore this issue Niantic. First subscriptions cancelled from angry agents, thank you for your awesome support.


  • 26.136886279494735, -80.13262940751983

    Baseball Field #3

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    These 5 are all live on Pokemon Go as pokestops, have been approved in Wayfarer but don’t show on the Ingress Intel map :

    Old Wells Road Carved Boulder

    51.160362, -2.700169

    Glastonbury Mural Trail - #38 Jacob's Ladder

    51.149262, -2.709187

    The Glastonbury Way Trail Marker #5

    51.138285, -2.741377

    Caddis Fly Larvae

    51.152906, -2.786650

    Ham Wall Information and Map

    51.154296, -2.778117

    @NianticVK please can you investigate and advise ? Something seems really wrong here.

  • At least now quite a lot of people found their way here to show how many approvals are affected.....

  • Missing two portals on the intel and also the keys: 

    Energiesparlampen und griechische Buchstaben

    Location: 50.954105, 11.001579

    Johann-Sebastian-Bach Spielplatz

    Location: 50.964622, 11.03782

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    Tattoo Flash Mural: 37.843061, -87.585851

    Mexican Grey Wolf: 37.995927, -87.603684

    McCutchanville Ballpark Playground: 38.070455, -87.516197

    Locations are approximate.

  • trottkopfhirntrottkopfhirn ✭✭✭
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    That doesn't make any sense.

    1) If it has to go through an "additional review", why do you show it as "approved"?

    2) Why is this "additional review" only in place for Ingress, but not in other games that utilise Wayspots such as Pokemon GO or Wizards Unite? What is the reason that only Ingress needs an "additional review"?

    3) Me and other agents have waited "a few days", the portals are just not showing up despite your claim, even after many weeks.

    4) This makes nominating Wayspots even more confusing. Because if it doesnt show on the Intel Map (or only months later) you accidentally submit Wayspots that are already "approved".

  • harpsMharpsM ✭✭
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    I have 2 portals missing in ingress which I have already reported in wayfarer forum.

    Location of missing portals

    Red and White Cricket Balls,-1.900648&z=18

    Muhammad Ali Mural - Small Heath,-1.8526047&z=18

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm an agent from Baltimore seeing the same issue with missing keys and portals in Ingress.

    Portal name: Take Me Out To Pitamore

    Location of missing portal: 39.28567, -76.62347

    I've been talking with an agent from the Rehoboth Beach, DE area and he's having the same issue.

  • Location: 49,5007576, 6,9460694


  • Location: 49,4387047, 6,9076367

    Name: Kreuz Jakob Hofmann

  • Hi please check this portals

    Brunnen mit Geko (47.3685080, 8.8234660) activ in Pogo

    Spielplatz Dürstelenstrasse (47.3620120, 8.8263450) active in Pogo

    Playground Oberdorfstrasse (47.3645770, 8.8293940) activ in Pogo

    Vitaparcous Nr.2 (47.3680630, 8.8005570) active in Pogo

    Rotbuche (47.3679124, 8.8326950) non activ in pogo

    La vecia osteria (46.1212988, 12.3583025) active in pogo

    Thx for checking

  • Another 2 missing portals:

    Bibliothek Obfelden

    Location: 47.261919, 8.424369

    Machwander Allmend/Rüssspitz und Rözi

    Location: 47.241191, 8.41935

  • DizzyBumDizzyBum ✭✭
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    So far I have two missing portals:

    Deep Run Playground - 40.387584,-74.309326

    Morganville United Methodist Church Garden - 40.363579, -74.246091

    I submitted both of them, they were approved, and they are in Pokemon Go as Pokestops.

  • Two that disappeared from Wayfarer, were accepted by Niantic manually (not through Wayfarer voting), were accepted to PoGo and HPWU but are not close to other portals but missing from Ingress:

    Kurkelankatu 28 leikkipaikka (location approximately: 60.415643,25.102365)

    Ansakuja 5 leikkipaikka (location approximately: 60.416509,25.096899)

  • HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭✭
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    Name: Keran Ulkokuntoilupaikka

    Location: 60.21671599418784, 24.750761727519908

    Address: Karapellontie 13, 02610 Espoo, Finland

    No other portals within 170 meter radius.

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    La pluie dans la ville

    Location: 48.867797, 2.410850

    (he)roes (she)roes

    Location: ~ 48.826684, 2.385503

    Espace sportif de l'avenir

    Location: 48.887139, 2.426278

    Catalpa Bignonoides

    Location: 48.873153, 2.367796

  • daawgdaawg ✭✭✭

    @NianticVK Here are my three missing portals with proper proximity, related to this bug. The first one is an absolutely cool and culturally significant WWII monument, and for the rest of the two, it feels especially unfair to have to wait for more than 14 months in queue just for these portals to go into a black hole.

    Portal name: Isänmaan puolesta: Kalevi ja Tapani Ilmonen

    Portal submission date: 2021-07-12

    Portal accepted date: 2021-08-24

    Location: 62.01847,25.548725

    Portal name: Mustavuoren kukkaset

    Portal submission date: 2020-06-11

    Portal accepted date: 2021-08-27

    Location: 62.251545,26.115458

    Portal name: Tsiptsap

    Portal submission date: 2020-05-06

    Portal accepted date: 2021-07-30

    Location: 62.234905,25.674524

  • @NianticVK Same issue here:

    Nomination sended: April 12th, via Prime

    Portal accepted: September 7th

    Cartel informativo Las Atalayas

    Location: 38,3351462, -0,5611054

    Issue: online in PoGo, missing in Prime

  • These are 2 that have not appeared in ingress.

    Constance Ogilvie Memorial Bench (37.432382,-122.265088) Accepted Sept 2 - exists in PokemonGo, but not ingress

    Cineopolis Tree Murals proximity of (37.540237,-122.301035) Accepted Sept 4 - does not exist in either (there is another POI in the cell so not appearing in PokemonGo is expected)

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