Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory



  • Confirming that this worked for me as well. I asked a friend to thumbs-up the photos from two affected portals in Pokemon Go. After waiting around 24 hours, they synced into Ingress and I received the 1000 AP plus key for both of them.

  • Hey there, got a little problem with this issue.

    I submit Wayspots only with PoGo.

    One of them accepted.

    Problem : by this issue I'm unable to see the Wayspot on IITC.

    Sadly I didn't see it in PoGo either, because of badly placing, i suspect that this Wayspot got blocked from another one, at the same cellar.

    So is there any way tomake this work? Or have I to wait 😔?

  • You need to wait and see if they do a refresh of the data to allow all to appear that are ok for proximity rules

  • Same problem:

    Nomination sended: 2020! September 2th, via Ingress Prime

    Portal accepted: 2021 September 26th

    Title: Mi Tesoro

    Location: 37.189856631675276, -3.6340737351777843

    Issue: missing in Prime and Pokémon and no portal key

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭
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    your coordinates aren't correct and poi might have been correctly relocated by reviewers on the east wall and by looking at street view this mural is too close from POI "Gandalf El Gris"

  • pictop23pictop23 ✭✭
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    There is only the problem if the new ones also not in PoGo.

    Have anyone tryed to resubmit to get an sync for the second picture?

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    submitted by pogo player but not portal. i thumb upped the picture in pogo. lets see what happens

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭

    As predicted, ALL three of my Niantic-yoinked nominations were accepted (including the parkette that regular Wayfarers would have likely rejected unfairly, so there’s that), but NONE of them appeared in-game. Two of those are lost to the ether, as they share a cell with another existing wayspot. And apparently there’s no point in resubmitting any, as elsewhere in the bug thread(s) these will all now be flagged as duplicates AND not even thusly having a second photo added that way will trigger the portals’ creation.

    I will only be able to manually do the workaround of adding a thumbs-up in Pogo on one, the little mural, but cannot promise the timing on that one as I will both have to wait for it to sync into Pogo (this will happen some time this afternoon in North America?), AND have to wait until I’m next in the area. This might be today, might not be.

    I know that even HPWU had some wayfarer growing pains, accepting new wayspots automatically from the database. Surely they have some tips to share with your own devs @NianticBrian

    But then again, we’re all still waiting for AdventureSync to be incorporated into our Kinetic capsules, so holding my breath seems ill advised, umm lol

  • You can sync missing Portals by liking the photo in PoGo. It works!!

    Thanks for the tip @LukeAllStars

  • I resubmited one POI, got an answer back that it was a duplicate but it has not showed up in Ingress.

  • @NianticVK

    Got the Tammsaare 6a playground POI on Ingress by asking Pokemon Go players to like the picture of the stop.

    I got a key for the portal, but no AP and no +1 for the Portals Discovered metric.

  • Approximate location:  53.197538, 12.933556 

    The wayspot did not appear in Ingress. There was no key, no 1000 AP.

  • Approximate location: 53.157152, 12.877689

    The wayspot did not appear in Ingress. There was no key, no 1000 AP.

  • Following a previous comment of mine, I'd like to add another MIA Accepted Nomination:

    Title: Marco de Regeneração Urbana de Ovar

    Coordinates: 40.857529,-8.629554

    It was submitted reliably distanced from the nearest portal and I haven't received any AP/Key bonus.

  • Can we please get an updated feedback by NIA? I'd like to know if it is worth the effort to add the new approval-fails.

  • harpsMharpsM ✭✭

    I have another portal accepted without upgrade and showing as pokestop but missing in ingress. Going to upvote the pogo photo for workaround but main issue is not getting portal discovered count.

    Location: 52.413334, -1.827266

    I upgraded another of my old portal which got marked as duplicate (upgrade gone to waste) but has no nearby portal which I can see. Also check the photos of other portals

    Assuming someone else submitted that too and it is stuck but showing in review?. It was going to make only portal so no other way to trigger sync.

    Location: 52.477942,-1.910868

  • I remember reviewing the black sabbath bench a long time ago as it was so distinctive.

    I wonder if that was the one yours is a duplicate of 🤷‍♀️

  • harpsMharpsM ✭✭

    Mine was submitted last year 2020-12-28. Had other areas I was working on so didn't get a chance to clear this but now got duplicate with no information. Just a waiting game I suppose until niantic get this bug sorted

  • I sent a wayfarer submission. It has accepted. Nearest wayfarer point is above 20 meters long. So there is nothing to not seeing the submission ön ingress scanner as a portal. But it didn't come to ingress. Please help me.,27.844572&z=17

  • Is there a pokestop? If there is go to the photo and like it.

    It should force it into Ingress within 24-30 hours.

    And yet another week rolls by with no comment

    in due time™️ Is looking suspiciously long…….

    anŷway as the saying goes winter is coming ☃️

  • pictop23pictop23 ✭✭
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    Tryed to force a sync via Support. But the the only Thing they've done was a copy/paste answer:


    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    We are aware of this issue and our concerned team is working on its fix.

    If you have any other concerns, please feel free to write back to us.

    Kind Regards,

  • Working on a fix would mean they have identified the problem and since we haven’t been told that, it sounds like optimistic thinking.

  • ShilfiellShilfiell ✭✭✭

    "We are aware of this issue and our concerned team is working on its fix."

    This does conjure up a mental image of a dedicated team named the Concerned Team, who share an office space in Storage B and wear suitably vexed expressions all day while reviewing various problem reports. The rest of the staffers are apparently the Unconcerned Team, and they're the ones in charge of all communications.

  • I’m beginning to feel I’m in a Douglas Adams novel.

  • And now the 3rd Portal is missing.

    Name: Haus unter dem Schrod


    Gesetzte Markierung

    And there is 40m distance:

    This time it also vanished on wayfarer!

  • pictop23pictop23 ✭✭
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    And the next one: now make 3 in a row!

    Could we get a Update?

  • U.A.E Road Signs

    Approximate location: 25.200299, 55.281298

  • pictop23pictop23 ✭✭
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    One Portal is online now after I wrote to:

    I only sad, that the POI is on the false location and the sad the Real on is 1 or 2 Metern away.

    Got the key, but no AP and no +1 explored

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭

    Can you share screenshots or text of your support ticket? I had also tried that path to correct a missing portal due to this bug, but was only informed that the location would appear “in due course”. But no new portal for me as of yet, nor for many others.

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