Multiple weird scanner glitches

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I've long suspected there are memory glitches, and that one of them is causing the a-z sort failure (which started with 2.25.2 in June 2019 and has never been fixed), q.v.

Anyway, this release seems worse, and I encountered the following screen glitches during the course of normal playing during one day. Scanner version is 2.76.1. Device is Samsung S10e under Android 11.

  1. Weird map enlargement, and it's not centred on the player either, so moving a finger on the screen makes the map move weirdly.

2. Text missing on the button, and on the resonator quantities (there are 42 L8 resonators)

3. fonts randomly turn to blocks

4. Weird bit of map on the XMP recycle screen (also the graphic for the L5 XMP is stretched and has been clipped)

5. Completely blank map (there were portals on the map, I clicked one, interacted with it, returned to the map, and it was blank).

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