Crash while scanning if you press stop button at the wrong time

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I had a few occasions this weekend while scanning portals where if I pressed the stop button at exactly the wrong time, the scanner completely froze and had to be restarted (and the portal re-scanned - once I had to scan a portal three times because it crashed the first two times).

With the new hexagon visuals on the scanner, it now sometimes decides it's had enough before the red ring on the start/stop button reaches a full circle, so it's not always possible to predict when the scan will stop (unless I'm really unobservant and it now always goes to 3/4 of a circle or something).

Anyway, sometimes you just can't carry on scanning the portal (e.g. because of obstructions stopping you from walking any further) so you press the stop button early.

But I found that when I pressed the stop button just as the scanner decided to stop, my click would then not register on the scanning screen and instead go through to the preview screen, where it landed on the "retake" button. Clearly the scanner doesn't like pressing "retake" before it's had a chance to even display the video you just scanned, because it just froze on the first frame and said the size was "0 MB" (I notice it sometimes takes half a second to display the actual size, but in this case the scanner had crashed so it didn't update the display). It was completely unresponsive and had to be terminated and restarted.

Scanner version is 2.76.1.

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