Crash while uploading scans

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I scanned 60-70 portals in one day, pressing "upload later" each time. On returning home I uploaded the scans, leaving the phone on the settings screen. As we all know, this is a somewhat unrewarding experience given there is no progress bar, no pause button and no indication of how long this is going to last for. However, what we do (sometimes) get is notifications of each portal that we have claimed scout controller for.

Anyway, it managed to upload 40-ish scans and then next time I looked at the phone it was on the home screen. Ingress had crashed. After restarting Ingress and going back to the settings screen I was able to upload the rest of the scans (but maybe the one that it was uploading when it crashed got lost? I don't know. I did the same thing in the same area roughly 4 weeks ago and there was one portal that I definitely remember scanning but for some reason had no scout controller and no yellow ring on the scanner).

Scanner version is 2.76.1.

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