"Current Sojourner Streak" reset incorrectly.

Today I opened the game and checked that my "Current Sojourner Streak" was at 334 (which was correct). Then I did a drone hack. Checked again, and it was showing as 0.

I am diligent about making sure I do a daily drone hack at least once in each 24 hour period. I am convinced it should not have been reset and the fact it happened immediately after a drone hack makes me suspicious that a bug was involved.

Restarted the app to no avail. Using a Samsung Galaxy S9, Android v 10.

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  • kittysukittysu ✭✭✭
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    To be certain of sojourner, the requirement is no more than 24h between hacks. So, hacking at 9am yesterday followed by 9pm today would be 36h and sojourner would be broken. This is despite the fact that both hacks are in consecutive 24h periods.

    Typically, the counts are not triggered to update until the next hack, so if you had an interval between hacks > 24h, resetting at next hack is expected.

  • 36 hours between hacks is not a guarantee to break the sojourner. I wanted to break it at count 360, but fail with the 34h break between hacks

    Consecutive 24h periods are NOT from 00:00 till 23:59. These periods are individual and based on many (unknown) factors. Probably, the main factor is the time of your very first hack for this sojourner streak. You can find this time experimentally. It is the time when the streak count is updated after your hack

    So, if your streak-update-time is, for example 19:05, you should hack at least once in each period from 19:05 till 19:04 (next day). And if you want to break the streak, you should not hack during this period of time. It is my guess, but you can continue your streak if you hackk once at 19:06 and next - at 19:03 the day after next (the gap would be 47h 57m). The last sentence is only my guess

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    hacking just once every 24hours might be what cuased your streak to break.... u should hack more daily not just maybe once..

  • kittysukittysu ✭✭✭
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    "36 hours between hacks is not a guarantee to break the sojourner. I wanted to break it at count 360, but fail with the 34h break between hacks"

    @Alisizer You are of course correct with this. But since the concern was losing it unexpectedly, I was focused on an example of something that can break it rather than something guaranteed to break it.

    From my experimentation, the time of first hack does not seem to set a 24h period. Regardless, if you always hack within 24h of the last time you hack, you will not break it. And I always aim to hack at least morning and evening if I want to keep my SoJo going. It is far too easy to make a mistake if you only hack at 24h intervals, and there is no guarantee of game forgiveness.

  • Thanks for the comments folks. I have been doing hacks within 24 hours of the last hack for the 334 days without issue (even going weeks of only 1 drone hack a day) with no issue, so it seems surprising to me that this happened.

    By way of update, I have done 2 drone hacks within the last 24 hours since this happened and my Sojourner Streak is atill at 0. Shouldn't it be showing as 1?

  • I think, you should go to the in-app support and explain your problem in detail there

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