Gmail login fails

I have been dealing with this since Prime launched. My Gmail account is not picking up the correct Ingress account, an L13 ENL. When I switched to Prime, it wouldn't work and I inadvertently created a new account. The original account is still there, I have a portal key for a portal I submitted. I can view the account. I have been asking for literally years for Niantic to fix it so I can access my original account. Tickets : [12717744] [403100] [#750616]

They just close the ticket once it gets old and I still cannot access my original account. This may be caused by a full stop in my email address which Ingress doesn't "see". I've seen others with this problem get it resolved, why not me?

Android latest, and previous versions

I have uninstalled, reinstalled about oooh, 60 times (not exaggerated, when did Prime launch? That long)

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