Not receiving emails after photo submissions and portal nomination

On Tuesday, I submitted 5 photos in Ingress. After each submission, the message ‘Thank you for your contribution’ popped up, and after each the number of available photo submissions reduced. Additionally, on Tuesday, I nominated a new waypoint in Pokémon Go. After which, my available nominations reduced from 7 to 6. As of now, 50+ hours later, I have still not received any emails regarding any of these submissions, and the nomination does not appear in Wayfarer.

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  • Thanks for reaching out, @16PurpleReign16! Please re-login into your account and check if you are getting the counts back. Do let us know how it goes.

    Also, for more insights about your nominations, please contact us via Pokémon GO In-app support. One of our representatives will help you with this.

  • No change. Pokémon Go nominations still show 6 left and Ingress pics show 51 left.

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