SoftBank Ultra Link 2x Drop Rate

Did this switch get flipped? The math is unarguable, two times zero is zero; but my expectations were a bit higher. Has anyone seen what they would consider an expected 2x Softbank drop rate?

In the last few days I have significantly increased my hack activity. Several hypercubes, a few VR shields, some nice mods, but no Softbanks have caught my attention.  

Was really hoping to get some friends together, drop some Apex, and get rid of these Battle Beacon's. By getting a bunch of friends together I mean collect a ridiculous amount of keys and make sure no one else is around. By doing some battles I mean use the Beacon's for throwing an exorbitant amount of fields repeatedly. Would like a bunch more of Softbanks to do so, especially with the increased key drop rate, loving that, and the 2x AP.

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