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@NianticThia suggested opening a bug report. I have been paying for the CORE subscription since February. To date, I have paid for February, March, April, May, June, and July. The only month I have received the subscription goods in-game was March. I'm missing 5 months worth of the subscription loadout, the subscription monthly tick, and the increased inventory space.

I have no idea what the current ticket number is. It would be helpful if a confirmation email was sent out when the ticket is created including the ticket number. The previous ticket that was closed out before I could reply was Conversation ID: #13952779 (according the to the email I received requesting additional information). I have not received an email on the current ticket. I'm not sure exactly how many tickets I have opened on this issue so far. I believe it has been at least four. The current ticket has receipts photos and a spreadsheet with the order numbers.

Device: Apple iPhone 11 Pro

OS version: iOS version 14.6

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  • Sorry to hear about that, @wheellock! Upon reviewing your account, I could see all the receipts you've shared. It has been escalated and our team is looking into this. You should get a reply soon. I appreciate your patience.

    Ticket number: #13981846

  • Hi @NianticVK I hope you are well. Are there any updates on this ticket?

  • August and September renewals fees have been paid as well as 5 months worth of fees reported in the original post without receiving subscription services. Do you have any feedback yet, @NianticThia or @NianticVK ?

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    If it was me i would have cancelled the subscription by now rather than continuing to pay for nothing.

    There was a workaround that required a cancellation and resubscribe to fix the loadout guessing your inventory has stayed at 2500 instead of 2000 or has this not happened either.

    While this doesnt fix your previous loadout you've paid for im hopeful @NianticThia or @NianticBrian will pick this up at somepoint when they are not busy & investigate this for you.

  • @PhantomR1982 Thanks for the feedback. My inventory was at 2,500 in March. It has been 2,000 since April when CORE was scheduled to renew. I haven’t received a suggestion from Niantic in regards to canceling and restarting CORE, but that sounds like a reasonable step. I haven’t canceled CORE as I want to support Ingress. Maybe some of the folks at Niantic can confirm if they’d like me to try that as a next step.

  • I highly doubt they will suggest it to be honest as they wouldnt like to lose your subscription but seeing as your currently paid up on your subscription until october your stuck subscription payment would be fine.

    I can also guess you dont want to try it yourself if you are working towards a core badge/medal either way its your choice.

    @NianticVK have you got any Wise words to back this up as i cant get @NianticThia to judo chop the server to make it work At the moment it seems.

  • The ticket auto-closed. Here is a new ticket number for this. Ticket # 15855889. I paid for the subscriber from February 2021 through to January 2022. I only received credit for March 2021. I have now tried to start the subscription again as of today January 7th 2022. However it fails to confirm the subscription.

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