Visual error in the store.

Good morning, today when I entered the store I observed that several elements were not with the regular graphics and these were replaced by question marks with a white background, I closed the application and went back in without finding a solution.

Android 10 operating system, Motorola (Moto G7 power)

Thank for your attention.

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Working On A Fix · Last Updated


  • @Poluxsc thank you for the heads up, we made some changes to the in-game Store related to supporting the 6th Key Locker. Investigating.

  • @Poluxsc can you try restarting the Ingress app and letting me know if you're still seeing these broken images in the in-game Store? Thank you again for your report.

  • The bug persists, it remains after restarting the app.

  • the bug has now been resolved, thank you very much. sorry for delaying feedback. Greetings team ingress

  • You're most welcome, @Poluxsc! I'll be closing this now, please feel free to reach out if you need help with any more questions. Thanks! :)

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