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Trying to moves keys into capsules. I have a large number of keys can be over 1200 or more. Often when I have multiple keys it only allows me to select a count of 1 when I want a higher count. Happens usually after I have started to move several other keys into the capsule.

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  • Thanks for reaching out, @AgentOberle! Please refresh the game data or reinstall the app and check if that helps. Do let us know how it goes.

  • LoL... sounds like the Windows approach to fixing problems... Just reinstall... but I will give it a try...

  • Well @NianticVK I got around to doing your suggestion same result. I loaded 2 of 3 keys from two different portals into a capsule fine... then went to load keys from a portal with 10 keys and it will only allow me to do 1, pressing the + does nothing... it is a bug for sure... I am very surprised no one else reported it...

  • Sorry to hear about that, @AgentOberle! To investigate and help you better, please submit a request via in-app support along with a short video of the error. We'll take a closer look into this. Thanks!

  • @NianticVK can you be more specific or point me to directions for the in-app support that should be used?

    I want to clearly be following your recommendation.

    I would be happy to create a video of the issue. Thanks.

  • Are you referencing Settings -> Help Center -> Report a Problem?

  • Yes, you may either use the Help Center option from the settings or this webform from the Ingress website to reach out to our support team.

  • I have been seeing this for months as well. It's extremely intermittent, but not particularly hard to reproduce. I don't have nearly as many keys in inventory at a time.

    Suggested repro:

    put 1000 unique keys in inventory

    open capsule

    while true:

    load one key in

    scroll to the next key

    see that on occasion it will still say 1/1 at the bottom.

    tapping on the + button doesn't load this key into the capsule.

    Sometimes if you scroll 1-3 keys further over it'll reset and start showing 0/1 again. Sometimes not.

    The workaround is after tapping + to load one key in, you tap the LOAD button. It works, but adds 3-4 seconds to every key you want to load. If you're loading a capsule with 1 of each key, that's an added 5 minutes PER CAPSULE that you may be reloading. If it's all 6 key lockers, it takes 5-10x longer to do this janitorial key-keeping, it's beyond painful to the point that I've stopped using capsules for keys at all.

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