Drone uniques overlay

phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭

When in drone view, could you allow us to turn on the 'Visited' overlay to see which portals we've visited with the drone before?

That would help us work on 'Unique Portals Drone Visited' stat.


  • I need it😥

  • I agree!

    1) Clusters of portals are not in a grid. It's very hard to map out a route, and stick to it without getting turned around.

    2) It's very cumbersome to keep a document of which portals your drone has visited. You really shouldn't need to toggle between other products, in order to play Ingress.

    3) After a drone move, you have to orient toward the portal you want next, and remember what direction it's in. An hour later, you have to remember to reorient it in the desired direction before you hop. Or, you could hop backward by mistake, wasting two hours.

    4) Say I go to dinner in a portal-rich area that I droned a year prior. With a drone layer, I would see new portals that I haven't droned yet, or missed the first time. That would be fun and exciting!

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