Mission abort button doesn't work

Mission abort button doesn't work, and you could possible mess your profile mission order.

Steps to reproduce:

1) start a hack only mission

2) press Abort button, then Confirm, then Done at "Mission Aborted" pop up

3) visit all mission portals and hack them (in specific order if needed)

4) go to profile and see mission icon had appeared

It shouldn't because mission was aborted

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  • amdfamdf ✭✭


  • amdfamdf ✭✭


  • Same bug. Cannot abort mission and start a new mission. Sometimes the abort UI disappeared.

  • @NianticBrian and @NianticVK, I hope you can solve this problem

  • Sorry for the delay, @amdf! If you are still experiencing this, please share a screen recording of the error. We'll take a closer look.

  • amdfamdf ✭✭

    Starting with profile picture, see the last mission is the green one.

    Let's start the red mission by pressing "replay" button:

    Mission has started:

    Now, abort mission by pressing "Abort" and "Confirm". See "Mission aborted" pop-up.

    Press "Done". Next, let's hack first mission portal and all other mission portals too. All the way to the last portal. There are no pop-ups about mission after last hack:

    Let's see the profile again (possibly after app restart):

    Now, the red mission moved to the left and became a last mission! But it shouldn't, because mission was aborted.

  • Thanks for sharing, @amdf! I'm sharing this with the team to look into it. I'll circle back when I get an update or more info. I appreciate your understandings and patience in this regard.

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