Is there any way to see a list of recently removed portals, and why they were removed ?

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A few have disapeared near me, even though they are still there (a pub, an ornate water fountain, etc, all legit portals in my opinion) they all have safe pedestrian access too, and have been in the game for years.

I expect the answer is 'no, it's a secret' but I thought I'd ask.


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    There are telegram bots, but not so accurate.

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    If you think that they are wrongfully removed you can file an appeal on the wayfarer forums, here.

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    Re-submit them, if they get rejected you might see what the community thinks of them (could be you need to submit them a few times, because the reject reasons are sometimes bogus).

    If they are accepted and don't come online, they might have been taken down by the property owners.

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    If you feel that a portal was removed in error, you can file an appeal here:

    but no, there is not a list of recently removed POI, or the reason why it was removed, for players to view,

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    I know a situation!

    Agent submits and gets accepted portals in a very specific part of urban area. the area is public and does not appear to be associated to anything else that the agent itself.

    Few days after (no longer than 3), the portal gets deleted, some times even without anyone getting to capture it.

    There are 2 parties involved. One is abusing the system. Situation doesn't seem to be ending soon.

    Should Niantic investigate and apply sanctions after investigation?

    Does Niantic apply sanctions over Wayfarer issues?

  • Quiet recommendation that this conversation be taken to the Wayfarer forums as you'll have folks there who are much more familiar with things. I know there are many reasons POIs can be removed but that team will be the ones to give the best answers. And, like fellow Agents have noted, you can file an appeal if you think something was removed that shouldn't!

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