Help text in ‘report a problem’ answer to Sojourner reset issue. ‘Reset verified reply.’

now the bug the glyph hack is no longer recorded in comms but the support reply says it is.

Here is the reply I got when I asked support to verify my Sojourner reset.

Hello Agent,

Thank you for your patience while we investigated this issue.

We looked into your account and can confirm that there was a ​gap of over 24 hours around the time your hacking streak was reset. ​It's possible that the hack did not go through due to a network or connection issue on your device. We are unable to manually update an Agent's stats.

To avoid such issues in the future, we recommend that you hack more than once during the 24 hour period​, especially if you've seen an error message during the previous hacks.​ In addition, ​you could also try Glyph hacking ​and check the COMM for confirmation that your hack did go through.


now the bug the glyph hack is no longer recorded in comms.

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