Tapping alerts in scanner leads to dead end

iOS: iPhone 11, 14.6

version: 2.75.1-69216d2c

Connection: both WiFi and data, intermittently occurs

While on the main scanner page, when an alert appears in the lower right corner, I expect that tapping on it will bring me to the list of recent alerts so that I can select it and recharge. Instead, sometimes I get an almost blank screen that looks like it is an offset version of the list. Nothing can be done on that screen other than closing it out. It doesn’t always happen, and it doesn’t seem to be based on settings on the user’s end as far as I can tell.

The effect on game play is just that portals cannot be defended in time when it occurs.

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  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭

    Increase your Range until it forces a refresh of the tab. May need to go to Chat first. Essentially it looks like the text is shoved far to the left, beyond what we can ‘see’ or interact with, but refreshing the tab seems to work. Not a permanent solution, but it’s a temporary fix.

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