Can the animosity behind recharging portals be removed

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Not wasting time discussing with people whom have very clearly missed the point of what I've tried to say. Plus are clearly too selfish, not to consider the impact of their actions on others' gameplay.

Nor understand there is a difference between recharging and 'recharging', the latter being a wholly deliberate action to annoy those you don't like.

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    Myself and others I know will recharge just for the AP.

    While it would be nice to know who was charging a portal. It can also create negative impacts on the game if agents become abusive to others.

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    There's more incentive than ever to recharge with 65 AP each tap. Some players are leveling up almost entirely on recharging.

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    They can’t recharge neutral portals, or maybe they would ;)

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    Depends on the specific situtation. If a troll field(inaccessible portals and not enough mu to really impact score is thrown over you by a same team) then the only real option to level is by recharging. I took about 1/3 of the keys to his play area and the other 2/3 appeared to be re-charged by someone leveling to 12(part of her area was covered as well). Most of the microfielding area that the troll used was rendered useless for ap which was extremely annoying since he microfielded a lot.

    @MJ78 My advice is to talk to the most likely culprits of the recharging in your area. It may also be advisable to flip factions. The recharging and stale game play is usually an area heavily dominated by one faction. I ended flipping because field thrower refused to change.

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