Outdated Mission Day Missions

What's the best way to get older Mission Day missions adjusted or fixed in preparation for upcoming Second Sunday efforts? I tried going through the chat support, but it's literally been hours of back and forth with them not understanding or replying with boilerplate unrelated to what's needed.

For example, one of the nearby Mission Day missions has a portal that's been moved several kilometers away from the location it was at when the mission was originally created. The description also references a local business that no longer exists. So I can already foresee a bit of frustration when people are either doing it for the first time or replaying it for Second Sunday credit. Mission Day missions seem to be designed to be fairly localized with their portal groupings. Given that, I assume it's in everyone's interest to adjust them to maintain that original intent.

When I tried going through chat support, they originally stuck to it being on me to use the comm in game to ping the mission author, but MissionsbyNIA isn't a real player. Niantic owns it. I still tried but got no response, as expected. Then I got boilerplate around how sometimes portals get moved to more accurately reflect things like local businesses moving and that the portal won't be removed from the game, which is not what I was asking to happen. It needs to be removed or replaced in the mission.

There must be an easier way...


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