Stuck at “Sync in Progress - Tutorial Loaded”

Had an account since way back when and wanted to get back into it. Everything loaded up fine until it got stuck at a blank map with just “Sync in Progress - Tutorial Loaded” at the bottom of the screen. Nothing on the map either, no menu, no portals or anything.

Tried reinstalling and relogging several times

Even left it on overnight thinking it’ll just load

Playing on iOS 14.6 on iPhone 12 Pro Max

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  • ofer2ofer2 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Are you still experiencing this? Looking at your account, it appears that you've completed onboarding already. Just want to make sure that you didnt fix it after this post.

  • Hiya @ofer2

    @CqretNova said "somehow i did,i think it was bc i didn’t have any nearby portals"

    I know you mentioned there was a portal bug elsewhere so maybe this was the reason the tutorial "sync-stuck".

    But for now I think we can be safe to say this is resolved & can be closed but worth noting what may have caused this specific bug ready for bug fixing.

  • ofer2ofer2 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, there was a bug for starting onboarding with no portals near you. A fix should be out in the new patch which fixes that issue.

  • @NianticThia or @NianticVK@NianticThia Any chance we can get this topic Closed/Resolved Now ?? When you get a free minute please.

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