Post-Recovery Log: NL-1331X | Oakland, US

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It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Oakland - I couldn’t have asked for a better day to meet Agents, co-workers, and engage with the NL-1331X van for the first time!

On-site from Niantic were Brian R., Mike R., Chris C., Chiaki N., Kay N., and me.

Group photo! Taken by Chiaki N.

There were many Agents (over 150 if my numbers are correct) scattered around and I did my best to mingle with as many as I could - as well as confusing non-sensitives a couple of times - while dipping out once or twice to handle some announcements regarding #IngressSecondSunday which was also taking place. Everyone was in great spirits and eager to see the van, NIA, and each other. Of the Agents I interacted with, the furthest joined us from Idaho, Nevada, and Southern California. I made sure to spend some time with the Ambassadors in attendance, Bihotz (ENL) and theimmc (RES), and snap a picture.

Ambassadors: theimmc (RES), NianticThia & TOASTY, Bihotz (ENL)

Thanks to the efforts of Agent Morganza (ENL), we had a commemorative banner available to do as part of the festivities. Swag was available for purchase to Agents on site: pins, patches, keychains, van kits. (No Toast…) Agents were able to take photos with Niantics, the van, and the beautiful waterfront view!

NL1331 and SecondSunday Commemorative Banners courtesy of Morganza (ENL)

Following the van’s departure, I was able to take some time to grab the remaining uniques in the area and do the banner with royalty Agents LordFajj (RES) and YoreGrace (ENL) - then grab some much need nourishment at Plank where I was joined by Agents LordFajj (RES) and B3AR77u77P0ked (RES) before heading back to my hideaway.

Seeing as this was my first time and August is quickly approaching - what should I include in future reports?

If you’re going to be seeing the Van for the first time during August, I recommend the following as a minimum (which are all probably standard Agent gear):

  • comfortable footwear
  • bio cards, of which I need to make! - check out the media drop, or other swag you’d like to exchange
  • backup power supply (or two)
  • charging cable (or two - and if you're feeling friendly, different types to make a friend)
  • sunscreen (just in case)
  • something to carry it all in comfortably
  • (did I miss anything?)

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who joined and made my first event awesome - it really was amazing. <3

Will I see you at an August stop?

PS: If you haven't, be sure to check out Ishira's investigations!


Photo Dump

^^ Photo by Ishira

(I need to take more photos!)

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    (did I miss anything?)

    You obviously forgot your tinfoil hat as to not get influenced by NL-1331

  • Just imagine having a full size backpack made to the size of Toasty as you go around finding unique portals,looks like it was a fun event for you all.

  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    Does the NL has a special key? Can we see a picture of that?

    Is NL going to do secret "dead-drops" like in the past?

    I think the report is good! Keep them coming!

  • Charging cable (or two)

    I've seen more charging cables fail rather than exhausting the ankers.

  • I love it! Beautiful photos :3

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