A Rose / Bouquet - Dedicated to a Friend's Nonna


Location: Wodbridge (Ontario Canada)

Walking with a friend and his daughters, while they played POGO, I decided to try my hand at a quick / unplanned fan field - In the Evening of Saturday July 10th

Some background - I usually like to make very long Fans, that consist of 30+ portals, and that's it... however this time I chose to do something different....

Some Photoshop used to compile the image... to make the buds stand out, and took about an hour and half or so to complete all but the bottom field, which was done about an hour later.

A side story, is the friend's 95 year old grandma (Nonna in Italian), lives under the main fields, and was literally sitting where the lowest red portal is located (edge of community fountain). We showed her this.. and told her it was a dedication to her. Her reply "too bad its green, it should be Azzuri for the team to win"...


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