I caught the operation of multiple accounts in a short time

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Well trace in the bamboo botanical garden

 32.898509, 130.793457

 14:45 Japan time

 a141421356 a22360679

 We are attacking with multiple accounts and portal operation that can not be done normally, and we are attacking with two accounts, and it violates the terms of use. Similar behavior has been seen before, and a strict restriction is that your account must be permanently suspended. I can only say that I'm obviously doing it intentionally

There can be nothing if you can do it with multiple accounts. I'm not convinced of this act.

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    This is the place to post about Anomalies. No Anomalies have been announced at this time.

    You can submit a ticket through in-app support.

  • Thanks for the report, @pk4r! Please reach out via In-app support for such reports. One of our team members will look into it. That being said, I'll be closing this, do let us know if you need help with any more questions.

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