Key names "Communication error" + hangs

When browsing through keys to make a link the app dont show portal names only "Communication error".

The pic for the portal is showing ok but the name not.

How is it possible that the app can know the pic but not the name -this must be a bug!

Fellow agents says that the bug appears on iPhone when having many keys in inventory to select a link to.

Not heard anyone on Android report this.

I do have 600+ keys in inventory and want to have it this way.

The portal name and the pic is of course both available in app memory -but the name is not displayed only "Communication error".

Sometimes a key name "hangs" so it displays the same key name in the middle even when changing portals and the keys to the left and the right is named "Communication error".

This must be a known bug already I have had these problems for a long time now.

I have good network connection so there is no communiction error.

Plz fix, Thx!

It is crippling, I need to browse VERY slow and restart the linking process several times and sometimes the app.

Its not possible to play fast gameplay like link fencing on the field.

Thanks for a great game!

iPhone SE (2016) MPP882KS/A

iOS 14.6 Swedish

Ingress Prime 2.75.1

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