Revisiting Custom Avatars

Although this is perhaps not so critical if the community forum remains just a forum, making this into a more functional community/sandboxed social media site will be difficult without allowing custom avatars (a feature that was obviously possible on G+). I can appreciate the moderation concerns around this, but I note that it is already possible to upload images to the forum; given that the upload cat is out of the bag, it seems that there is little harm in allowing users to upload tiny thumbnails to express their identity in highly compressed form. (How difficult that is to implement using this site's software, I do not know.) Although this is a small thing, in the long run things like that affect the extent to which users form a site-specific identity, and in principle it should enhance engagement. I realize that there are many things on the Ingress plate, but thought it was worth raising this one again given recent discussions about helping to build community engagement (and the fact that the last post I saw on the matter seemed to have been made before image uploads were possible). Thanks for considering it!


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