Second sunday, help . I want medal!



  • Complete mis 6 misiones y no me dio la medalla... sonicyo76

  • Hello,

    I completed 6 NIA missions yesterday for Second Sunday. But the Mission Day Badge was not updated.

    • Neuer Wall, Hamburg
    • Rathaus, Hamburg
    • Mellin Passage, Hamburg
    • Alsterarkaden, Hamburg
    • Binnenalster, Hamburg
    • Alsterhaus, Hamburg
  • OlitechnoOlitechno ✭✭
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    Here I have the same issue just done 6 missions and no increment were added. :(

    Username: Olitechno

  • Agent name irralph. Completed 6 missions, no medal. Redid 5, 1 new

  • I did 12 missions and I didn't get the medal.

  • I completed 7 missions and did not receive my mission badge. DarDar0505

  • Hello! Completed 6 missions named "Second Sunday" on Saturday and Sunday with no medal (it will be first Mission Day point for me) I filled in the form, but feel a need to post here too. Thanks for assistance!

  • I did 5 yesterday 1 today,

    still didn't get MD badge

  • OpGreenDragonOpGreenDragon ✭✭
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    Hi, I also have compleated 6 missions.

    And also NOT got a up count of badge count. What is more to do from us agents to get the medal??

  • No me da medalla?

    Por si acaso he echo una misión mas ?

    Eran seis las que habia que hacer

  • s3w2s3w2 ✭✭✭

    Did 7 missions, no badge. Fix it.

  • I did 6 banner missions yesterday, but did not receive the mission day +1 badge.

    I did Volendam 1-18 to Volendam 6-18.

    My ingress name is MarcelV.

  • Agent name: ReddyKilowattz

    I did six new missions on Sunday. My weekly stats showed six missions. I didn't get the mission day badge.

    One of the missions was in an area with a bad cellular signal. Several of the portal hacks timed out in the scanner. The last hack timed out and I didn't get a chance to up/downvote the mission. However, all of the portals showed as visited and the mission shows as completed.

    During the day I also tried to start another mission and had to abort due to bad cellular signal.

    This morning (Monday), I did two more missions in hopes of getting the badge. I got credit for two more missions, but still no mission day badge.

  • Did a mission in Rucphen 6 times this weekend but no medal. I did this one already before

  • xBigSTARxxBigSTARx ✭✭
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    I completed 12 unique missions on 07/11/2021

     Didn't receive a medal ...

     Nickname: xBigSTARx

  • SasomidaSasomida ✭✭
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    Agent name: sasomida

    Form completed, but adding here as well for paranoia's sake. 7 missions completed (because I wondered if I had miscounted 6), but no badge/medal/increment (completed the 6th at approx 6:30pm BST Sunday 11th)

    Bridges of Worcester 6/6, University of Worcester 4/6, University of Worcester 6/6, Worcester Hack 6, Worcester Hack 7, Worcester Hack 8, Worcester Hack 9

    Was beginning to think that these didn't count, because they are parts of grouped missions, so maybe I had only done 3 (or zero) legitimate missions. The Second Sunday text does say "any" mission counts so couldn't tell what I had done wrong. Since it was raining, I was getting cold and still had to cycle 10 miles back to base, I wasn't in the mood to **** round and hunt out discrete stand-alone missions just-in-case this was a rare Niantic error.

  • My agent name is Matthyly. Did 6 missions yesterday, still no badge...

  • No me llega la medalla, Agente


  • Buen día, el dia de ayer domingo 11 de julio hice las seis misiones requeridas (las que anteriormente ya había hecho) y por siacaso el día de hoy hice una mas, en total siete; sin embargo, no me suma y no me da la medalla (yo ya contaba con 5). Por favor ¿cual es el problema?

  • sarritsarrit ✭✭

    Same problem here. Agent #sarrit.

    Did 6 new missions named "Moon 1/6" to "Moon 6/6"

    . Location: Kouvola, Finland. Mission day counter should have changed from 1 to 2, but did not.

  • Fanatic8099Fanatic8099 ✭✭
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    You can add my name to the list of no badge tick. I did 6 new-to-me missions on Sunday, no tick. All in Little Rock, AR.

    Parks of Sherwood

    Mischievous Molly Meandering

    Big Bentleys Big Day

    Emerald Park Hike

    Pulaski tech tour

    Go to Church!

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  • Agente: SyKristel

  • Mission New

    El Carmen de Bolivar 2

    El Carmen de Bolivar 4

    El Carmen de Bolivar 5

    El Carmen de Bolivar 6

    Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo

    Paseo Villa del Prado

    Mission old:


  • Here a simular issue, completed 6 missions yesterday, but no badge. Still a lock in my stats due no mission day badge


  • I did six missions yesterday, Sunday July 11th, 5 were redos and 1 was new. Never got the badge. Also filled out the form last night that was made and still no badge. How do I resolve this please ?

  • I did the following mission and dud not receive a badge:

    Årsta centrum 8

    2020 XF Sthlm (20)

    The Butcher's Bulls

    MD: Stockholm, The Globe

    Capture Globen Tube Statio

    Capture Enskede Gård Tube Station

  • I never got any solution for what I was facing, the app was force to close so many times that i lost counting.

    I finished all mission, and never got any solution ☹️

    I did not make banner i just made 6 missions.

    I just want to have this clear. Never notified in time hoping it was solved

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