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    I used iPhone 12pro, iOS 14.6 and 4G/5G network.

    I played 6 unique missions after 2:00 July 10 (JST +9). But it seems not to count up "mission day(s) attended". Are there any other conditions to complete the event?

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    I attach the screenshot. It is my agent profile (Week tab).

  • Try doing one more mission, there was another agent who received the MD medal when completing 7 missions.

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    Thank you for your advice. I got the count when completed 7 unique missions.

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    u have banners close where u live ? u can do any banner even old and get mission day badge.

  • Hi @Antoshka420 - have you completed 6 missions since the event started? I can't tell based on your post.

    You can redo 6 unique missions you already have completed for this event, though a couple have reported they needed to do a 7th (looking into it).


  • Thank you @MatiasM20 for helping!

    @Tokiyomi thank you for the screenshots; I will reference these.

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    Same trash for me. I previously completed 2 normal mission days. Did 6 missions for this and no bump up. Pure robbery. Defective Niantic software strikes again.

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    We also have found a incident same as this

    I'll update if we get the problem solved

  • i  have completed 6 missions since the event started. but no countup Mission Day medal. help please.

  • Hi there I redid 6 missions but I didn’t got the medal. Is there a bug issue ? Do I have to do anything else? I’m I doing something wrong?

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    i have completed 2 more missions. but no countup Mission Day medal.

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    A 7th unique mission after the event gave the medal to the agent affected.

  • I completed 6 unique old MD missions just now , but I didn’t receive the medal ,help me please!!

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    I complete 6 mission in Friday but no md medal

  • To those reporting this issue - I'm sorry you are experiencing it :( I'm still looking into this.

    @AgentOberle @anon3104- Would you be willing to give me the names of the 6 missions you did and were they ones you redid or were ones you never did before?

    @MagisteriumXII - you haven't done anything wrong <3 Would you be willing to share the names of the missions you did? And were they ones you did in the past and redid for Second Sunday or were they new ones you never did before?

    @anon3104 @Monsoons @iliym - thank you for the screenshots! Would you be willing to share the names of the missions? And were they new or repeated?

  • mission name:









    I completed these missions first time.I created these missions.I canceled imcomplete mission before these mission start.

  • I have the same issue. Done 6 unique missions and no badge, girlfriend did the same 6 and got the badge. I did the last one twice to be safe, but still no badge. So i did one extra new one, and still no badge.

  • Hi @NianticThia . Completed 6 missions yesterday at about 18:00. by Moscow time

  • Yo tuve que hacer 10 para que subiera el contador, eran misiones nuevas

  • Here a simular issue, completed 6 missions today, but no badge. Still a lock in my stats due no mission day badge 😢

    I have cycled the following 6 missions;

    * Drentse Hei 1/12

    * Drentse Hei 2/12

    * Drentse Hei 3/12

    * Drentse Hei 4/12

    * Drentse Hei 5/12

    * Drentse Hei 6/12

    I have attached some foto's of the missions I have done and my weekstats

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    Not allowed to add foto's (yet)

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    Name agent: Activux

    I have just done 6 old missions and the medal has not been added to me.

    The missions are:

    IFS@HOME Vitoria-Gasteiz Febrero 2021 1/6

    IFS@HOME Vitoria-Gasteiz Febrero 2021 2/6

    IFS@HOME Vitoria-Gasteiz Febrero 2021 3/6

    IFS@HOME Vitoria-Gasteiz Febrero 2021 4/6

    IFS@HOME Vitoria-Gasteiz Febrero 2021 5/6

    IFS@HOME Vitoria-Gasteiz Febrero 2021 6/6

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    I'm in the same boat. Did 7 missions I had completed previously.

    No badge tick.


    Games 1-5

    Explore vander veer botanical park

    Eldridge revisited

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  • I have just done 6 other old missions and the medal still does not appear. I'm sorry but I don't have any new missions nearby, and I'm not going to do more of the old ones.

  • Same here. I made 6 missions and medal still does not appear

  • I did 12 missions, two out of the first four didn’t count on my weekly missions completed because they ended in waypoints and the scanner somehow didn’t register I finished those (I never got the thumbs up/down for those two) but I still got the mission banner icon for all 12 in my list of competed missions.

    I’m still at three mission days on my badge, and this should’ve been my fourth.

    The missions I did were ‘How to be a Panda (1 of 12)’ through 12/12, in Boston, MA. They were all new missions that I haven’t done before.

    Thanks for looking into it. I drove into Boston to do these, so it would be nice to get them counted.

  • Same issue for me. Did a six mission banner and no badge

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