I Hit Level 16 on My 500th Approved Portal

Posts cannot be linked as I haven't been in this BRAND NEW FORUM for long enough. Just go to r/ingress and you'll see it there. (smh)

I received my invite on 1/19/2013. I was very active for the first few years. I was previously a G+ ENL Community creator/owner/moderator for the United Houston Enlightened Movement. After badges and additional levels were released I qualified for level 13. Once the Illuminator badge was released I got pushed to 14. Then the Guardian badge was removed and I qualified for Onyx so I was pushed to 15. I all but quit playing displeased being awarded a medal for Mind Units when hundreds of people put effort into my numbers and another for what felt like the worst possible solution to Guardian Hunting bots and spoofing. So in order to get back to the grind of leveling up on as much of my own effort as possible I decided to hit 16 and get my PLATINUM SEER BADGE at the same time. Guess what else happened in that time? Lost the Seer badge. Portal subs were halted and I switched to Pokemon Go for a while. After the beta test, attending the 1st Go Fest in Chicago (wow) and not getting but 1 EX invite in over a year portal subs were in full swing again with the release of Operation Portal Recon. I quickly researched S2 Cells and joined chat rooms discussing adding portals/gyms/stops to the network.

I tried to hit 16 on the money with 40m AP but failed to see a link between 2 stacked portals and made a field (smh).

Thanks, Ingress, for making me take a much closer look at my surroundings and for the community, friends and events. It's been a blast!

Someone asked if I was going to recurse. They said I could go for 1000 approved portals to hit 16 on the money next time....

You'll just have to wait and see...




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