Agent Science Log

When Ingress first came out, agents around the world had to figure out its features themselves. Over time, that led to the community amassing a sizable amount of knowledge concerning the mechanics of the game. However, I find that there are some questions that are still unanswered. My list can be found below, but I want to know what questions you all have. Hopefully, getting all the questions in one place will allow us to design experiments that will help us find the answers.

My Quesions:

  • Do inbound links provide damage mitigation, or is it just outbound links?
  • Can two ito-ens be applied to the same portal if they have opposite spins? What would happen if they could?
  • how are 24 hour cycles counted in terms of sojourner streaks and hack streaks?
  • Does link crossing still exist, and does it violate TOS?


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