Feature Request: Searching for Portal Keys

One of the best features that NIA could easily bring to Ingress would be portal keys search.

It would be important to be able to search for keys both in our inventory and our capsules.



  • GoncaloCdMGoncaloCdM ✭✭✭

    Absolutely, ethan1701! The desktop features would be a great complement.

  • I'd like to bump this, because search would both be fairly easy to implement and SO, so helpful. It's frankly quite ridiculous that it hasn't already been implemented by now.

  • I was just coming to the forum to post this idea after trying to find a key I knew I had "somewhere" in one of my capsules. So frustrating trying to find it!

    I would also be happy if there was a key search feature, in addition, available via the intel map (until they perhaps integrate that into the app). That would make planning fields easier it I knew I had a key available "somewhere" in my inventory. Obviously this is less of a problem if you aren't a key hoarder like me!

  • Definitely agree with this - also maybe an indicator if you do have the key you searched for, but it is in a key locker. So many times I go "I swear I had this somewhere" and have to check my key lockers to see if I truly did get rid of it

  • This is a must have feature as the most hardest or time consuming thing in the app is for searching keys.

    The key searching experience is still the ancient one. There is no improvement to the user experience for the Ingress Prime. It is time that Niatic started to think more about this and make new add on feature to make key searching or inventory searching a lot more easier.

    I actually find it more difficult in Prime than the Redacted version.

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