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  • I do find the hate funny, considering you can get 4 Ingress Portals for every 1 Pokestop. The fact that a player is putting in a pokestop means there's no Ingress Portal there, so it helps Ingress just as much as Pokemon. The only reason I can see the hate on is like what Kholman says, Ingress players just want artistic nominations. If that were it, you wouldn't see much in Ingress and players would get bored rather quickly.

    Pokemon is the game that's keeping the lights on at Niantic now, just because of all the money they make from players purchasing coins to buy raid passes to go after shiny legendaries, or incubators to hatch eggs, again for shinnies.. Aside from the key lockers, I don't see any value in the stuff Ingress sells.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    99.9% often lots of portals and Pokémon GO players often dont help make Ingress Prime be better when Ingress needs portals in area with low portals or 0. But the big problem are all Pokémon GO players on OPR accept all bad portals and often dont accept the good portals help ingress.

  • I can't really comment on that because there's not a big Ingress player base in my town compared to Pokemon players and the Ingress players that are dedicated to just Ingress don't bother putting new portals in.

    I simply don't understand what you mean by making Ingress better. As I see it, the more portals in the game then the more you can actually do, but how I read a lot of these debates, most dedicated Ingress players want to only see a single portal every 100 km apart, just so they can make huge fields. They only want to see art work, like statues and fountains while hating churches, parks and athletic fields.

    But it could also be because I'm in Canada and maybe I'm not seeing the same bad portals the rest of the world gets.

    If you need portals in low portal areas, then why not go out and nominate them yourself? If you can't get to those spots, then why the concern over there being no portals?

  • The whole point of submitting in Ingress isn’t to just add more points on the map it’s to “improve the quality of the portal network”

    simply put Niantic want a database of interesting places this is what separates their in game locations to that of Jurassic Park game which was just random points on the map, you can fight over real life objects that mean something.

  • Those who can pay it have a job and are more responsible than kids who don't and also can submit. Don't forget there are very much players at 40 that never spend any money on the game and they can submit aswell and will do aswell. A maximum even for purchasing would be a good idea tho. The money they make from this can be spend to keep anomaly's free.

  • AgentB0ssAgentB0ss ✭✭✭✭✭

    You have such hatred all the time for Pokemon Go Players. Trust me there are plenty of Rural players working to submit and increase Rural Areas. I personally live in small town and I have personally increased the volume of POI in multiple small towns around me. So step back for a second and stop blaming others all the time.

    I swear every single comment I see of yours is against other people. Sounds like you need some reflection.

  • harkonnnenharkonnnen ✭✭✭✭

    You do understand that pogo was built on the bones of Ingress?

    Pogo is the cash cow now atm but Ingress is still the bone supplying niantic the ATM. That might atart to change but got a ways to go yet

  • So what does it mean about these bones when the redacted players, the ones who make up these bones, are threatening to quit because the game looks a bit different now? It's the pogo players that are playing Prime now, so they're the ones keeping Ingress going.

  • From Ingress' post about the Anomaly event.

    "Lastly, we need your help as we explore ways to make Ingress more sustainable, and we need your help now. Adding paid options for Anomaly events is one of several updates coming to Ingress to help us achieve our goals around better viability as a team that can stand on its own."

    Like I said, Ingress isn't making the company any money. It's the pogo players keeping things running, should be nicer to them. But everyone's quitting after Redacted apparently, so guess it doesn't matter.

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    This is the problem if we just approved all of the "pretty and interesting" portals there would be very few portals in suburban are rural areas. At least niantic ties the POI database to actual objects and not randomly placing the poi on the map. This disdain towards parks and objects that aren't an eye catcher is wrong, If people are following the guidelines that niantic has set they aren't going against the rules. having the "bar" set to unobtainable standards is the problem we could of had a decent poi system a few years ago but people are refusing to submit bare bones portals and then blame the agents that are willing to do it.

  • I've had some experience with Pogo-submissions now, being that I get nominations from a neighboring country (with Pogo active) as well. I'd say the future is not that bleak, and small things could better the situation easily.

    Onboarding: I see nominations with good pictures and insightful text - but it's "a rusty farm equipment", "natural feature" or similar "please don't submit"". How are new players shown the actual rules? Why is there not links to "what makes a good pokestop" in-app?

    In-game text: "Tell us why this nomination is important ...what is the value?" Of course some will see the value of adding pokestops to what they perceive as a sparse neighborhood, and mention that. That is answering the question! Even if they read the rules; the rules don't mention the anti-PoGo bias, right? In fact, no rules have been updated for add-on description in Prime/Pogo!

    Reason for rejection: Fixed! Live where I am at least. Hopefully this will prevent some from re-submitting the same type of wrong things

    Lastly, if you do not yet have OPR Onyx medal, or want easy Upgrades for your own submissions (You'll need them in this backlog!), Pokemon nominations seem to be a blessing in disguise. Increase in total amount, many easy rejections (please add correct reason") and soon Redacted "one picture" will be a thing of the past, making it easier to spot fakes.

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