Nomination map allows agent to submit a portal over 25 km away

I came across this issue while attempting to submit a new portal that happened to be just over 25 km away from my home (specifically 25.11 km). I originally thought it was a problem with all my submissions until I did some more testing.

If you attempt to submit a new portal nomination, the map will allow you to select a point that is slightly over 25 km from your current location, and it will not snap the map back to the original spot. You can then attempt to complete the submission, but you will then receive the generic error "Nomination submission failed. Please try again."

At least one thing should be fixed:

  • Update the map to accurately prevent the agent from selecting a point over 25 km away
  • Update the error message to let the agent know the attempted submission is over 25 km away

You can see my discovery of the issue here:

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  • I have run into this issue today. It is annoying to go through entering all the details, finding the photos with no warning that the distance may be an issue. And the error message is meaningless.

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