Community manager! Where are you? We are waiting!

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I do not understand something. We have a community manager and a community hanging out on the forum. Why hasn't the manager still started doing his business and responding to messages on the forum? There are still not many topics that appear during one day.

Why is there still no dialogue between customers and the company?

And we also need a company that hears the comments, Because Vanguards and XMA already pass them some of the comments.

We all need a person who will follow the forum and official channels for comments, and pass them on to the company's team, and give us feedback on our requests. But so far there is only silence in response.

Why do other games have this and we don't? Below is an example from a popular mobile game.

May the community manager forgive me for writing on Friday night, but it's just that I and many other agents wanted to know about it for a long time.

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