Localization: Next level instructions overlap on some languages

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Selecting another language besides English (some) the next level instructions doesn't appear clearly, it shows overlapped.


When I access my scanner using my native language instead of english the Medal requirements for the next level shows with a message overlapping.

Check below the scanner on Portuguese (Brazil)

I am currently on level 11. Once I change to English through the “Configuration->Ingress->Language” I can clearly see the requirements without any block:

  • Device IPhone 8 plus
  • IOS 14.6
  • Ingress 2.74.1-000a2e9b

Additional information

I know that the information is understandable for most people, but I’m just pointing that out because it was confusing for some agents in my area.

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  • @NianticBrian can this be looked into on a future release,looks like a spacing problem that could be resolved by creating a line break maybe.

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