Kinetic Capsule defect after Faction Change

For quite a period of time i've enjoyed using the Kinetic Capsule. Unfortunately, after my FC request was successfully triggered by Niantic Support i noticed my capsule is no longer working. The screenshot below is how i started my Enlightened journey, and the progress of this capsule is never changed. Meanwhile i'm almost level 14, and have 1000km on my trekker badge...

I have reported this in the in-game support app several times. The last attempt even got attention of a human support engineer, whom escalated this to the tech's, so i was told.

Now i don't really want to be impatient, but this was on may 25th, and never heard anything from support, while my problem still persist.

This is a report on request of @PhantomR1982 as the previous thread with simulair issues was closed.

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