In Dallas, we have a question. We have a POC who has been wonderful. But she is moving to Colorado. In light of that, how do we nominate a new POC? We have never seen any guidelines of that, and we would appreciate some guidance.



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    Agents have to register a new First Saturday manually earth month. There is no guideline for nominating a POC, and there's no database of those, it's all very informal. Best would probably be an agents of the same factions volunteers and the rest say "Yeah no veto go for it". The new agent then just has to get in contact with the POC of the other faction, which will more then likely help them get up to speed.

  • Is the POC for mission days/anomalies/nl1331 etc the same person as the FS organizer? I was under the impression it wasn't necessarily the same? We're more curious about NIA events such as the upcoming Nl1331 van tour.

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