Mission days added to summer 2021 NL1331 tour

Is it possible to work with local agents to make mission days to occur on the same days and cities as NL1331 events?



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    On the current schedule, each city has a local MD except Marfa, TX. Two of the locations have MD in adjacent cities (Dallas -> Arlington, Frisco; Murrieta CA -> Temecula).

    Edit: I might have misunderstood the original post. I thought you were talking about adding MD missions, rather than new events. There are some places where MD and NL-1331 can be paired together. Portland will have the van on the same weekend as IFS and Second Sunday.

    Edit 2: I do think it is a good idea to pair MD and NL-1331 together and would support the idea of more MDs with the two paired together.

  • Actually Murrieta is having both Mission Day and the NL-1331X events together. Temecula’s MD happened back in 2018. I had applied for a Mission Day+ when the applications were out early last year. I had everything on my end set and ready to go then and I was asked if it would be possible to host both at the same time and location. I wasn’t about to let that opportunity be passed up. As far as I know, my Mission Day is the first live event of the year with it coinciding with the Van.

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    Portland is having the van and IFS on 8/7 and then Second Sunday on 8/8.

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