Announcing the NL-1331X US Summer Tour Schedule - #MeetYouOutThere

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Agents, I’m excited to be able to share the NL-1331X schedule for this summer!

The van will return for the weekend of 9 July in Oakland (US) to kick off our new Second Sunday events but it will not hit the road quite yet. Our journey will begin in August.

NL-1331X #MeetYouOutThere Tour 2021 - US Summer Schedule

Stay tuned for registration links!

This will be my first time traveling with this NL-1331X XM detection vehicle - what should I expect? Will I meet you out there? Where should I eat? What cool things do I need to check out? My souvenir key locker needs more keys...

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Registration and merchandise pre-sales will open at 2200 UTC (1500PT/1600MT) on Friday, 16 July for the following locations:

  • Sacramento
  • Boise
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Marfa
  • Phoenix
  • Murrieta

Additional details

  • There will be some free swag available from NIA.
  • NIA will be hosting some stat-based contests with prizes.
  • Schedule for additional NIA attendees pending confirmation.
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  • Hi Agents - a brief note!

    After speaking with the team, I wanted to clarify that the NL-1331X US Summer Tour will follow the same medal tick process that we did in Oakland earlier in July. An RSVP for the medal tick is not required however RSVPs help tremendously from a planning perspective so please do encourage Agents to do that.

    Edit: If you want swag, you'll still want to pre-purchase via registration.

    To receive a +1 to your NL-1331 Meetup medal, you must hack the NL-1331 portal while it is active at the city location. We will then push medal increments for those who did! (Targeting within 48 hours.)

    It will NOT be an instant +1 to your NL medal.

    Note: Please ensure you are following the requirements outlined by Agents organizing any Mission Days along side NL-1331X so that you don't miss out on that. This is for the NL-1331 Meetup medal only.

  • Agents, the final stop on the US Summer Tour, San Francisco, is now open!

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