Announcing the NL-1331X US Summer Tour Schedule - #MeetYouOutThere

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Agents, I’m excited to be able to share the NL-1331X schedule for this summer!

The van will return for the weekend of 9 July in Oakland (US) to kick off our new Second Sunday events but it will not hit the road quite yet. Our journey will begin in August.

NL-1331X #MeetYouOutThere Tour 2021 - US Summer Schedule

Stay tuned for registration links!

This will be my first time traveling with this NL-1331X XM detection vehicle - what should I expect? Will I meet you out there? Where should I eat? What cool things do I need to check out? My souvenir key locker needs more keys...

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Registration and merchandise pre-sales will open at 2200 UTC (1500PT/1600MT) on Friday, 16 July for the following locations:

  • Sacramento
  • Boise
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Marfa
  • Phoenix
  • Murrieta

Additional details

  • There will be some free swag available from NIA.
  • NIA will be hosting some stat-based contests with prizes.
  • Schedule for additional NIA attendees pending confirmation.
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