No confirmation emails for new missions and edits.

I submitted new missions yesterday but haven’t received any confirmation emails. When I checked on mission creator this morning it looks like they have been published but haven’t received email confirmation that they’ve been approved either? The same with edits too.

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  • I've also experienced this with some edits I made while incorporating newly added portals

  • haripoharipo ✭✭✭

    I have experienced that, too. But it might be fixed.

    On June 24, I edited 6 draft missions and submitted them, but I didn't receive any submission confirmation email.

    On June 25, 4 of them were approved and 1 was rejected, but I didn't reveive any email. I knew that on Autoring Tool.

    On June 26, I contacted in-app support and asked for the reason of rejection, but NIA support staff said that they are "not able to provide any additional detail on the reason for Mission rejections beyond the customized rejection email you received." I DIDN'T received ane email for that.

    Today, I received an email for approved mission that has remained in review. I edited and re-submitted (once rejected) mission, and I received a submission confirmation email.

    I would be happy if your support team could check the rejection reason in case you failed to send rejection emails (or, we failed to receive them.)

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    they worked for me both submit and get reply... 2 days apart..

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