Hello Ingress Forum, please help maintain professionalism & eliminate toxic behaviors against rules



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    edited June 2021

    When I was talking to this specific Vanguard regarding a portal reset back in 2020, I was much appreciated for his/her efforts and didn't expect to see such "collective personal attacks" against me blatantly on the forum coming from the same person.

    I'm sending such screenshot to prove that I'm helping building Ingress a better game and when I say I've managed to (help to) ban massive spoofers I mean it. Some players in the team of malicious campaign targeting me kept saying that I don't do anything constructive to fool other players.

    I wrote this post to determine whether he/she proactively participated in the secret campaign, or it's just his/her false statement exploited by the team of that campaign. Later it turns out he/she didnt admit anything wrong and start pizzaing and thus...

    What makes a previous good Vanguard turning into a forum destroyer? That's sad.

  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭✭

    Wonder if Claudija was aware of all this situation when she left :D

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