Glyph Contest - Glyph the Planet (Badges from the NL-1331 v1 kit await you!)

InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

For questions, please contact @InvestigateXM, if you send it to the Glyph account, it'll get lost.


Agents, the Glyph the Planet event is well underway, and new glyph sequences which include the NL-1331 glyphs have been spotted! The Glyph Journal requests your assistance in collecting data on all available sequences during this event.

To participate, you need to glyph hack a portal, screenshot all glyphs during the result screen of the glyph hack and send the screenshot to @UncoverXM. It doesn't matter:

  • If you didn't draw all glyphs correct
  • If it doesn't contain the N - L - 1 - 3 glyphs or
  • If you have already submitted the same sequence.

Screenshots where not all glyphs are visible are not counted*. As long as all glyphs are visible, everything is fair game. Please only submit screenshots you made yourself, starting now. Please don't submit screenshots you have made before the contest started.

*Exception: If Prime isn't displaying a glyph due to a bug, it will still be counted.

The contest starts now and runs until Friday, June 25th, 16:00 UTC (which is also the end date of the Glyph the Planet event).

After the contest is over we'll count all submitted screenshots. The top 3 agents who submitted the most sequences and the agent nearest to the average will be able to pick from the prize pool, with the 1st agent going first and the average last.

The prize pool consists of character badges for your scanner: 1 NL-2020, 1 ADA'19, 1 Misty Hannah'19 and 1 Stein Lighman'19.

NL-2020 badge


Misty Hannah'19

Stein Lightman'19

Happy glyphing, everyone!



  • IshiraIshira ✭✭✭✭✭

    All the glyphs!

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Agents, thank you so much for your incredible participation. With your help, we could establishe a list of the new NL-1331 glyph sequences.

    With 721 agents, participants almost quadrupled from last time, and with 31014 submissions, screenshots have tripled. Counting took over 5 hours due to manually checking every chat for invalid screenshots. Due to the massive amount of agents, there were two agents that hit the average, therefore an ADA'15 medal was added to the prize pool.

    Contest stats:

    Total submissions: 31014

    Average: 43.075

    Agents: 721

    Top 3:

    @Neokondor - 816

    @PineapplePizzaMascot42 - 784

    @MudoScp - 601

    Nearest to the average:

    @Hqahector - 43

    @StarYara - 43

    If you'd like to help the glyph journal with more submissions even after the contest ended, contact @InvestigateXM, or @Ishira on Telegram so we can add you to the glyph journal room. We're always looking for more members to submit sequences!

    You can check your standing here:

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