Unique Portals Drone Visited counter stuck

My Unique Portals Drone Visited stat hasn’t changed in over 48 hours. It’s stuck on 498. My Drone is currently in an area of portals I have never been to on foot and hacking portals it has never been to before.

I’ve standard hacked and glyphed hacked them and still no difference.

I’ve tried ‘turning it off and on again’ and still nothing.

Huge pity as I should be racking up the numbers in this new-to-me-area

Agent Name - egan706

iPhone XR. iOS up to date. Ingress up to date

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  • Never mind, it’s resolved itself and it’s counting again. Hasn’t awarded the ones I know were new retroactively but I guess I’ll just have to visit them again

    Thanks anyway… 🙄

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