Report a Portal from the Maps / Remotely

Der Niantic or its Community Manager / XMA.

I just want to ask if we could report a portal from Intel Maps. This is the reason :

  1. I don't have its key!
  2. The location is on a military camp. So it is impossible to farm the key.

What I hope are such as :

  1. I can report a portal from a distance and/or from the Intel Map. (Without the key or go near the location)
  2. In order to do that, do I have to send a prove of the location to Niantic so Niantic could believe with my report?

Sometimes portal like those are hard to disappeared from the game because Niantic doesn't believe with the report. I hope next days it is become easier to report a portal that really not eligible or located in not a safe location like in military or even a police office with the prove. So Niantic can believe with that.


Niantic can make a "padlock" / "verified" icon to a portal that really eligible, in safe location etc? With this icon, the portal cannot be removed from the game. It's can only edit Title, Description etc (Just a suggestion)



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