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Holidays have started for a lot of people, the weather is nice and we are allowed outside again, time to head out to the beach!

Therefore, in July, Belgium is heading to Blankenberge, a coastal town known by many people thanks to the 90's music show "Tien Om Te Zien".

Join our beach themed event and celebrate the sea, sun and music with us at https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=20929

In terms of activities, we offer you:

  • "Field a Sun" Challenge: Try to lay a field in the SHAPE OF A SUN during the event!
  • Trivia Quiz: For those not out fielding, we will hold a Quiz in Telegram about the city of Blankenberge and more

Those able to play locally also have a choice of banners:

If that doesn't convince you, here is our promotional video 😀: https://streamable.com/om9w1w

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  • PoMaQPoMaQ ✭✭

    IFS in Blankenberge was a success, fielding proved to be a challenge, since we had a typical Belgian Summer Beach Day (it rained, like, a lot).

    Still, here's a postcard sent from us to you! To stay in our beach themed event, everybody displayed their best beach wear, wore their sunglasses and didn't forget to apply sunscreen 😎

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